What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is our natural state of being before you add the layers of generations of expectations, belief systems, the effects of the industrial revolution and the mass consumption rate of our digital world.
Mindfulness practices help us develop techniques that bring a deepening awareness of our thoughts, and emotions, so they reduce the habitual reactionary behaviour patterns that tie us in knots of anxiety, addictions, depression and poor health.
Mindfulness helps us to feel more in control of our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, relationships, and basically, our lives.  We re-establish a kinder, more accepting and compassionate relationship, with our own needs and desires.  As a result, we do the same for  others.

Life becomes more manageable, feels calmer, freer, balanced and happier.

Mind blown! Had a fantastic reading and medium session with Mia today. Totally shifted and identified some blocks and gave me new direction.


I now feel like a new person after being in pain for over 8 years.
People are also noticing that I am standing and walking much better even my own GP commented!


Had a very cosy, relaxing Reiki session and Mia is so lovely. Feel more chilled than I have in ages. Highly recommend.


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