Diaphragmatic Breathing

Sound Therapy and Nitric Oxide

Reiki and Chakras

Pinocchio and self-esteem

The Perfect 5th (Aligned and in Tune)

Sound Therapy and Tuning Forks

The Dorn Method for Better Back and Joint Care.

Indian Head Massage

Realigned for Better Golf

Leg Length Correction

Awakening from the Numbness of Depression

5o trillion cells (Our Potential)

Lower Back Pain

Middle Back Pain

Our Thoughtful and Emotional Body

Mind blown! Had a fantastic reading and medium session with Mia today. Totally shifted and identified some blocks and gave me new direction.


I now feel like a new person after being in pain for over 8 years. 
People are also noticing that I am standing and walking much better even my own GP commented!


Had a very cosy, relaxing Reiki session and Mia is so lovely. Feel more chilled than I have in ages. Highly recommend.


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