Physical Issues

 Thoracic 9 or TH9 greatly resembles the vertebrae of TH2-TH8 in that it’s ventral body is the shape of a heart.  It does have other defining features that set it apart from the other vertebrae in that it is the lowest positioned and thus the largest.  Although rare, displacement of TH9 can cause severe symptoms in the kidney area, due to TH9 communicating directly with the adrenal glands, which were discussed in the unit about TH10.  Issues like this are usually associated with age related degenerative conditions.

Physical symptoms related to misalignments in this vertebra include allergies and nettle rash.

Emotional and Psychological issues

The emotional and psychological issues look like a set of secondary reactions and consequences to TH10 and combine suppressing one’s own aggression and making accusations.  You may only feel able to express your boundaries after being regularly provoked; therefore anger becomes a way of feeling strong and confident.

Let’s look at some allergies, i.e. food and lactose intolerances, hives, hay fever, rashes, sinus, skin problems and celiac disease.  What do they all have in common?  They invade and attack our system (something or someone is offensive and hostile).  We feel powerless to control this attack or invasion.  It can trap us by making us feel like withdrawing from situations.  Your body rejects certain foods, something that should be nutritious and full of sustenance.  It can irritate and affect our moods.  You may feel exhausted by being stuck in a ‘fight’ mode fighting off the invasion, leaving you bereft of energy.  What all these allergies have in common is that they have breached your personal boundaries.

Research into the root causes of allergies on a metaphysical level indicates the following:  One of things to remember is that when the body is in fight or flight mode, your senses are heightened.  This gives the body and mind a feeling of overwhelm and being out of control.  Whatever sensations, smells, emotions your are feeling or food you are eating at the time will be registered at a highly stressed level by your system.  The mind and body then make an association between the situation, person, food etc and emotion.  This is more than likely a negative association.

Let’s look at the connection at an early age. In childhood there may have been a hostile, invasive dominating and controlling parent, leaving you insecure and unsure about your position in the family.  You may not have had a parent who was around enough for you to express your emotional needs in a safe and understanding way, therefore these feelings remain unresolved.  As an adult you want to withdraw from unpleasant situations and sweep things under the carpet rather than deal with them in the here and now.  This maintains you in a cycle of feeling helpless to manifest the desired changes you want in your life as things feel impossible to resolve.

Food and dairy intolerances related to nurturing and love, which impacts on our sense of self-worth.  The love/comfort and nurturing you received from your parents, care giver and other influential people may have been hostile and offensive leaving you with difficulties trusting that their intentions would be good for you.  This has an impact on all other relationships in life and therefore our ability to trust ourselves and others.

Deep feelings of grief are held in the system through these early experiences as it’s a form of loss.  These unresolved feelings manifest as physical symptoms that our body uses to try to communicate to us what still needs to be dealt with in order to recover from.

The electrochemical peptide that stores the information of the emotion of anger is stored in the liver.  Suppressing and denying one’s anger means it accumulates thus reducing the healthy functioning of the liver.  Skin rashes and other skin conditions can occur if the liver is going through a detox or if the individual is working on any of these issues above.  This of course is not true for every symptom or condition but it may occur in some.