Physical Issues

The structural aspects of Thoracic 11 or TH11 vertebra has features that distinguishes it from its neighbouring TH12 and one in particular, separate it from all the other vertebrae. The spinous process is short and nearly horizontal in direction.  The pedicles on the vertebral arch are like TH12, thicker and stronger than in any other part of the thoracic region due to the formation of the ribs. The spinal nerve 11 passes out underneath this vertebra.

 The physical conditions associated with misalignment of this vertebra are skin disorders including acne, spots, eczema, boils, raw skin and psoriasis.  

Emotional and Psychological Issues

The emotional and psychological issues relate to poor boundaries, contact problems, insecurity, feeling weak, afraid and fearful.  The skin is our barrier between us and the external environment. The skin communicates to us when out physical and emotional boundaries have been overstepped.  This is where an individual takes in more than they can comfortably assimilate and utilise. Everything in the body becomes overactive and stressed. Issues of relating to others is origin of these conditions, which we also find in TH10.

Saying ‘NO’ is a challenging concept for a person with these conditions as expressing their physical and emotional boundaries as a child may have been met with confrontation, rejection, abandonment or abuse.  When their boundaries are challenged as an adult, they feel inadequate, unworthy and not good enough or strong enough to say no. Maybe saying yes to things that they don’t really want to gives them attention, or acceptance, appreciation and love but in an unhealthy way.  By constantly doing this and not feeling good about it the body gets irritated and frustrated and breaks out in theses conditions.  Suppressing and denying anger can build toxins in the body. Wanting to be nice, compassionate and understanding rather than addressing and expressing what is truly going on means anger becomes buried in the system. When the body becomes overloaded it will try to correct the imbalance.  In some instances, this can erupt as the list of physical conditions listed above.

 Recognising this, realigning and bringing balance to this area can assist the individual to begin to regain a sense of personal power, authority, desire and self-control.