The Sacrum is a large wedged shaped vertebra at the base or inferior point of the spine to which the Coccyx is attached.  The superior end or top is attached to the fifth vertebra by cartilage and ligaments.  The Sacrum is a very strong bone as it supports the upper body and is spread across the pelvis and into the legs.  The Sacroiliac joints are the intersections which secure the sacrum to the ilium bones/hip.  A whole network of cartilage and ligaments help secure the stability of these S1 joints by reducing the level of movement.  This is needed so we can stand up, sit down and basically push off when walking.

Due to the nature of child birth the elasticity of these joints is higher than in men.  Mother’s or expectant mothers may often suffer from lower back pain which may be related to this movement making the joint overly mobile.

Sciatica is a very common ailment when this area of the body is misaligned as the sciatic nerve passes through the pelvic area from the lower back down the legs. Pain in the legs and feet, abdominal problems and chronic constipation are also common issues.

Emotional and Psychological Impact

In terms of the emotional and psychological effects on this area of the body they are very similar to the Coccyx.  The Buttock muscles are attached to this area of the sacrum and coccyx.  This is what we sit on, so metaphorically we should ask ourselves what feelings are you sitting on and not addressing?  Ask yourself are your muscles clenched in this area or relaxed?  This is indicative of our attitude so just ask your buttocks to relax and check you attitude to see if it has changed.  The fears in this area are to do with insecurity and a need for comfort and support.  It’s also about holding onto things and the ability to let go and release things that are toxic in your life.

This is also an area connected to the hips/pelvis which allows movement and direction to be taken once decisions are made.  How do your hips feel?  Do they restrict you moving?  Are you afraid of where your life is going?  Can you let go of past issues and feel strong enough to stand on your own feet?  How are your finances?  Have you lost your job, retired?  Has your relationship with your significant other changed?  It’s all about intimacy and trust in your relationships due to it being the area where the sexual organs are held. We hide our feelings (often in a subconscious way) about sex, intimacy and relationships in this area, sometimes with layers of excess fat.

Sometimes issues in this area are historical and we carry them forward from our mother’s, who carried us in child birth. Researchers in this area with regards to the effects of historical patterns are carried over from generation to generation describe that a mother how has had to support her partner while carrying her child to ensure her security financially, physically or emotionally may have had to sacrifice something in order to gain something else.  What to ask yourself is?  Do you feel you have had to let go or give up something important to you to make progress?  Did you feel unable to express how you felt during a time of significant change in your life?  Did you hold back out of fear of rejection or lack of self-esteem and the decisions made were not what you had wanted.

All these issues can cause pain ranging from mild niggling to complete hip replacements or even more grave conditions.  Unresolved issues left by emotional stress and trauma can cause significant ongoing suffering and pain that often we look to the G.P. to correct and sometimes it may need an alternative approach.

Mia Middleton – MIA-Alternative Therapist