I am going to group TH7 and TH6 together as the symptoms are very closely related and overlap. TH7 is in the middle of the back and helps to support the muscles of the chest as well as the spinal cord and rib cage. TH6 sits superior to TH7.  Due to the proximity to the stomach area physical problems that can occur include – Duodenal ulcers, stomach complaints, hiccups, possible vitamin deficiency, feeling weak, digestive problems, heartburn and diabetes.

The spinous process of TH7 descends posterior to TH8 and locks the thoracic vertebrae in a stiff, solid column allowing very little lateral movement and rotation.  The centrum and transverse processes have facets called planar synovial joints, which hold the ribs in place and allows a slight gliding motion, which makes it possible to flex and extend our upper body backward and forward with little lateral movement.

Stomach ulcers may be due to a virus, i.e. something external to us affecting us deeply.  Ulcers are aggravated by high acidity from digestive juices.  When we feel under too much pressure and worry, this aggravation is activated.  Have you heard yourself say, I feel aggravated or agitated? If so, stop just for a minute, take a few deep breathes and feel in your body where this aggravation is stimulated?  Then ask yourself what feeling is triggering that response and where did it first come from?  How much acidity (words, behaviours and attitudes) are you taking from others? This ends up eating away at you which is what ulcers effectively do.  When you feel unable to express how this makes you feel for fear that you will be humiliated by your family, friends, or other authority figures.  When you are made fun of at another’s expense or have your vulnerability flaunted rather than understood, comforted and cared for.  The lack of a safe person or place to help you digest those experiences, understand and express these feelings can become stored inside and develop as anger, resentment, bitterness turned towards the self, which eats away at you.   Due to these earlier experiences, you may develop a pattern of attracting people who are abusive and hurtful.

The impact of misalignments with TH7 and TH6 on emotional and psychological states of being in addition to the above indicate – a great deal of how a person is feeling is swallowed thus lacking the ability to express the emotion adequately.  Everything is internalised and nothing gets out.  People often get lost in addictions like eating, drinking etc. with a lot of internal rebellion.

This all links to the previous thoracic vertebrae in relation to relationships and how supported or unsupported an individual feel’s in their life.  People with misalignments in TH7 and 6 may also be affected by pain in the middle of their back.  This is often a case of an individual who is supportive of other’s but doesn’t feel that anyone has their back.

Research highlights people who have had to carry or hold the burden of unresolved emotional issues in the family can be affected by the conditions highlighted above.  There are often historical patterns of unhealthy boundaries, so one person’s issue becomes everybody’s issue and if you try to assert your own needs you are seen as unsupportive and shunned until you toe the party line.  This is a learned behaviour to prevent the healthy member from forcing the family to face the dysfunctional dynamic.

Corrections to this area firstly alleviate the physical discomfort by releasing blockages.  It may also have the effect of starting a process of emotional release as the healing has an up-stream effect pushing what needs to be liberated up and out.  This is where an individual may feel the need to vocally release feelings or find an appropriate and safe physical outlet.  If someone does not feel they have enough of a safe network of support around them to facilitate this healing they may subconsciously hold onto this pain, even after treatment.  This is where you find people relying on repeat prescriptions of painkillers or other forms of behaviour to numb the pain. The individual must feel s/he is safe, has trustworthy support and in the right place to accept the treatment and subsequent healing.

Diabetes required a blog all to itself as there is so much linked to this condition on a metaphysical level.  I will visit this condition in a future blog.