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The Dorn Method
The Dorn Method | £55

The Dorn Method is a safe, gentle, and natural manual  Complimentary Therapy used to corrected misalignments in the spine and joints.  It is a very simple technique without any clicking and crunching of the vertebrae or joints.  It uses the natural dynamic movement of the body and is therefore very safe with no side effects.

It is a very recent and revolutionary method, originating in Germany about 40 years ago.  It is based on the premise that imbalances in the body are caused by numerous health issues.

The Dorn Method is a combination of 3 parts that together realign the whole body bringing it into balance and releasing it from painful physical and emotional conditions.  These parts include:

  • Correcting leg length difference. Common problems such as lower back pain, shoulder, and neck pain can be caused by a difference in leg length. This is because imbalances of the hip cause the spine to twist forcing and uneven foundation and can pull vertebrae out of place. This adds extra strain and pressure on the whole body, therefore misalignments in all the joints and vertebrae of the spine are checked and corrected during a session. 
  • Spinal massage called the Breuss Massage for lengthening and nourishing the spine. This is also a very relaxing and energising technique to help gently stretch out the spine to assist spinal discs to align and regenerate.
  • A set of Self-Help exercises are taught to the client so that they can practice them at home to maintain hip balance and keep the spine sitting straight.

This method can be used for all ages to correct back; neck; shoulder; elbow; hip; knee; sciatica and ankle pain in addition to headaches; migraine and a number of other physical and emotional issues.


Leg Length Corrections | £30

A large percentage of people suffering from back pain show a leg length difference often due to poor leg seating in the hip joint. Very simple and safe exercises are given to clients to follow-up with at home to prevent problems re-occurring.

Our optimal health is helped by keeping our skeletal structure aligned and in balance.  Why?  So that our blood can carry and feed our body with oxygen, essential nutrients, hormones, and immune cell and carry away waste. It’s the constant free flowing nature of our life force energy that helps to maintain our health.

It’s a bit like free-flowing water in a river.  When the water is running free from any restrictions it is clear but when there is a blockage and it’s hemmed in on all sides, it becomes stagnant.  Stagnant water breeds toxins.  It silts up and grows bacteria.  It’s the same with our body.

Joint dislocation causes pain and restricted movement.  It presses on soft tissue causing injury and blockages in the system.  This starts to affect not only the source of the injury but also other parts of the body that that system is connected to.

One of the most common reasons for lower back pain and the misalignments of other vertebrae in the spine is leg length difference.  This is caused by a dislocated hip joint which twists the pelvis, thereby affecting the stability of the spine.  This can happen through a range of different activities, through birth, an accident, repetitive strain, high impact exercise or after surgery.

As all our nerve endings exit from below each of our vertebrae, if one is out of alignment it will impinge on the nerve preventing the free flow of blood and oxygen to the corresponding organs in the body.  This causes pain at the site of the injury i.e. spine and reduces the healthy functioning of the corresponding organs it feeds.

The Dorn Method realigns the whole skeletal structure without any crunching, pulling or undue stress on the joints or vertebrae.  This makes it one of the most gentle and safest methods for realignment.  It frees up the system and allows the life force energy to push out toxins and start to repair the body.   


Leg Length Correction
Breuss Massage
Breuss Massage | £35

The Breuss Massage is a gentle spinal massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns and energises the spine.

Just like any other part of our body, the spine is in a constant state of pressure and release due to the amount of movement and stress it is under throughout the day.   Our discs, which act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae are constantly being squeezed as we go about our day. Some more than others depending on the type of activities we are engaged in.

Our spines need rest and nourishment to repair and regenerate.  This naturally happens during a good night sleep.  When we are at rest, the spine relaxes and the body gets to work refilling the discs, a bit like placing a sponge in water.  We are usually a little shorter in the evening than in the morning.  This is due to the amount of stress and pressure placed on the discs, which get thinner, as the liquid gets squeezed throughout the day.

Having a Breuss Massage is like getting a good 8 hours sleep.  It can be used as a stand along treatment or in addition to The Dorn Method as a complete programme of realignment and regeneration.

Reiki | £35

This gentle form of hands on or off healing assists in restoring balance and harmony to the body and improving it’s own self-healing functions, bringing a feeling of peace and calm.

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks £60

This therapy uses the power of sound through Tuning Forks to clear deep patterns of programming within our cells that often keep us locked in patterns of behaviour that do not serve us, whether this manifests in long-term physical pain or mental and emotional pain.
Our bodies are 2/3rds fluids which helps conduct sound. Our cells vibrate at certain frequencies and each organ has it’s own tone. When dis-eased they become discordant. Tuning forks clear the discordancy, bringing the body back into balance.

5 Awakenings with Systemic Therapy
5 Awakenings with Systemic Therapy | £45

Helping people recover from the effects of loss, trauma and abuse. Using a combination of counselling skills, energy medicine, systemic and play therapy, sequences in this technique stimulate a response and creates a shift in the body’s own energy defence system that enables recovery.

Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy helps us address the ways we interact in our relationships.  It recognises we are part of a system which includes our partner, family, workplace group, culture, education, and Government systems. It works on the premise that how we behave, the decisions we make, and our beliefs are constructs of these institutions.

Systemic Therapy is not about deconstructing the past but about understanding and addressing how we relate to each other in the present.


Person-Centred, Solution-Focused and Cognitive Behaviour Techniques

I use Person-Centred, Solution-Focused and Cognitive Behaviour techniques which are mainly talking therapies to empower people. By gaining deeper insight into by exploring their belief systems they break patterns of self destructive behaviour and improve their life chances.


Play therapy Techniques

 Play Therapy is traditionally used to uncover and deal with a variety of mental and emotional health issues especially with children and young people.  However, this technique can be adapted to be used with adults.

The Therapist uses a variety of creative tools to help children and adults understand and explore their thoughts and feelings in ways that feel safe for them to do. Often these children and adults feel unsafe and cut off from their feelings and have very little trust in others.  Using creative play can help people access these harder to reach aspects of themselves when they are with a trusted adult. 

Indian Head Massage | £35

Indian Head Massage originates from Ayurvedic Medicine (circa 1800 BC).  The technique works on tension and stress in the Head, Neck, and Shoulders but the treatment as a whole provides benefits for total body functioning.  Using a combination of effleurage movements, friction, tapping, and gently working on pressure points, the body and mind are brought to a place of peace and relaxation.

Indian Head Massage helps to:

  • Improve blood circulation and soothes nerve endings in the skin,
  • Eases tension headaches and migraines
  • Increases lymphatic drainage relieves tired and tense muscles
  • Restores joint mobility
  • Provides much needed oxygen to the brain
  • Helps to improve the quality of sleep
  • Relief from acute and chronic conditions of neck and shoulders
  • Promotes wellbeing, peace and calmness
  • Helps to improve respiratory issues

The treatment can be used in combination with natural oils that can help improve muscle tone and condition as well as calming the nervous system.

Indian Head Massage
Luxury Arm and Hand Massage | £30

Simple but amazingly effective for the relief of arthritic pain in the fingers, wrists, and arms, flooding the whole body with a feeling of peace and calm by regulating the nervous system.

Using heated gloves, collagen-infused hand wraps and luxury creams to Improve circulation and movement and aids in restful sleep.

Regular massage sessions:

  • reduces hand pain
  • increases mobility and range of movement
  • improves the symptoms of carpal tunnel
  • reduces the symptoms of arthritis
  • improves symptoms of depression
  • Abates the painful condition of Reynaud’s syndrome

In this day and age where most of our daily activities involve the use of digital devices, issues relating to the dexterity and flexibility of our fingers, hands, arms, elbows, and shoulders are on the increase.  Regular sessions of arm and hand massage can greatly improve the condition of the skin, muscles, and overall health of these overworked areas.

Arm and Hand Massage
R&R (Reiki&Reading) | £50
A fusion of relaxing Reiki with sound to stimulate the energy centres in the body and promote a therapeutic response, then open your mind to commune with those in the spirit realm to hear messages of love and support to reassure you that all is well.
Arm and Hand Massage
Mediumship Readings
Readings and Spiritual Development £45

Readings are provided through the art of mediumship and tarot cards. Messages are channelled by the medium (Mia) from loved ones, friends, family and acquaintances who have passed away. Mia also offers guidance with spiritual development.

£45 per hour 

Mind blown! Had a fantastic reading and medium session with Mia today. Totally shifted and identified some blocks and gave me new direction.


I now feel like a new person after being in pain for over 8 years. 
People are also noticing that I am standing and walking much better even my own GP commented!


Had a very cosy, relaxing Reiki session and Mia is so lovely. Feel more chilled than I have in ages. Highly recommend.


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