Physical Issues

One of the most significant growth developments of the spine in adults is that as it grows and extends, the spinal cord stays the same.  What this means is that the spinal cord does not extend all the way to the end of the vertebral column but stops at L2.  After this point, nerve roots extend down the Lumbar sections.  Injuries beyond this point, i.e. from L3 to L5 affect hips, legs and feet.   The physical issues that manifest with misalignments to Lumbar 2 are appendix problems, stomach cramps, hyper acidity and varicose veins.

Emotional and Psychological issues

These conditions show up as a sense of powerlessness in the emotional and psychological bodies.  Individuals become tense quickly and often are plagued by feelings of panic and anxiety.  Energy stuck in this area can be incredibly debilitating as that inner critic full of judgement impedes the capabilities to learn and regain the confidence to manage, love and believe in who you are and what you can do.  Research into the metaphysical aspects of pain indicates this is the area affected by holding onto past hurts and issues.  You may not feel able to let go of the past even though the patterns created by the trauma no longer serves you.  These habitual patterns continue to attract unwanted situations into your life.

Ask yourself how you felt supported, heard and understood by your parents?  What are the ancestral patterns related to supporting each other, especially how a mother has been supported, whether by family or other authority figures?  This then affects how she responds to her children?