Looking For a Unique Gift?

You can now purchase a gift voucher for treatments with Mia-Alternative Therapist.

Although based in Aberdeen, easy access is available from surrounding areas such as Stonehaven, Banchory, Ellon and Westhill.   Treatments are also available in Inverurie.

Choose the voucher you would like from the list below.

Sound Therapy & Reiki Fusion

Voucher for Sound Therapy and Reiki Fusion



  • Creates deep relaxation to release stress and tension in the body.
  • Clears the mind bringing clarity and focus to help you to fell grounded and centred
  • You can expect more restful sleep

Here’s what a recent client said
I’ve received a number of treatments from Mia now and felt amazing and balanced after each one. She is a very intuitive person and she provided amazing guidance to me from each session, giving me a sense of purpose. She is extremely professional but most importantly a beautiful person”.

Combined with Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks you receive the added benefits of

  • Help to combat anxiety and depression
  • The Automatic Nervous System reset and balanced
  • Improved circulation
  • Pain Relief
  • It promotes healing of tendons, muscles and tendons as well as providing pain relief

Why not in the first year of this new decade, decide to bring more harmony and balance to your life and become pain free.
An hour and a half treatment tailored to your specific pain needs.

Take advantage of our new Treatment Offer NOW.
Normal Price £85  – 
Save £20 with this Voucher.


Bronze Body Booster

bronze body booster-50_voucher

The Ayurvedic technique is used to release muscle tension and knots in the head, neck and shoulders that be the cause of recurrent headaches, migraine, stiff neck and shoulders.  Our hands contain acupressure and reflexology points associated with your organs and other parts of the body.  A combination of these 2 treatments floods the body in relaxing and pain-relieving chemicals, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to your body and stimulating the lymphatic system to drain toxins.  This improves circulation, sleep, hair growth, heart rate, respiration, muscle tone, and flexibility as well as relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. This session lasts for 60 minutes.
A fantastic relaxation package offer (regular price £60, a saving of £10) 


2. Silver Soother Special

The Breuss Massage is an incredibly relaxing spinal massage that gently stretches, nourishes, aligns and energises the back.  Using a combination of traditional massage techniques and energy medicine, it is used for the relief of disc and other back issues.  This is combined with a deeply, relaxing, tension-relieving head, neck and shoulder massage with a soothing mini facial.

 The whole body is flooded in a deep sense of calm, helping reduce chronic pain and inflammation, while improving circulation,  immune system functioning, flexibility, muscle tone and balance.  Regular massage can also reduce the premature signs of ageing. This session lasts for 90minutes.

A wonderful gift to give to yourself or for someone special (regular price £70, a saving of £10)


3. Gold ‘n’ Glow Group

Using The Dorn Method to  fully re-balance and correct all misalignments in the joints and vertebrae of the spine. Imbalances caused by a leg length difference can cause the spine to twist, and vertebrae to be pulled out of place due to additional pressure and strain on muscles and joints.  This can lead to back, shoulder, neck, knee and hip pain including headaches and impact on the overall functioning of other parts of the body.

Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks works at a deep cellular level.  All cells at a chemical level are sound vibrating at different frequencies.  The forks correlate to these frequencies.  At a chemical level, ill-health is discordant sound.  Sounds waves travel from the forks into the body’s energy fields and through the body at a deep cellular level.  The sound from the forks brings the cells back to their resonant tone, which can repair DNA structure and restore functioning to the body’s vital organs and other parts of the body. This treatment consists of two sessions of 90minutes, so two appointments need to be made.

This is an amazing ‘Total Body Restoration’ package (regular price £130, a saving of £15)


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