Forest Bathing

Mia’s Mindful Movement Meditations

This is a group based Mindfulness class incorporating Movement and Meditation, where we immerse our senses in the presence of  beautiful natural surroundings in Tollohill Wood, Aberdeen City, UK.

This is not a naturalist group.  The Mindfulness Movement Meditations are fully clothed.

In this weekly experiential class we learn the benefits of focussing our attention on our senses, without any of our digital devices.

Practicing regular Forest Bathing has been shown to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar levels and stress hormones.  It can improve sleep, and increase the cell production that improves our body’s own healing abilities. 

It can also improve anti- cancer proteins as well as memory. This helps to bring calm to our nervous system and encourages it to reset.

In this class we engage in walking, seated and gentle movement practices that help us cultivate a mindful, healthier way of being.

Once a month we invite along an experienced Reiki Drum Practitioner to bring an added dimension to our meditation sessions.  Shamanic drumming has been used over the centuries to bring body, mind and spirit into balance and alignment.

The body has a natural rhythm when in balance offers us a feeling of wellbeing.  The sound of the drum encourages our system to synchronise to that rhythm.  It can help release negative feelings, ground us in the moment and deepen our awareness.  It is a natural compliment to practicing Mindfulness Meditations.

These monthly sessions include a releasing and clearing ceremony around an open camp fire.  All materials for the ceremony apart from refreshments are provided.

Weekly  Classes             Once a Month classes           

6 -7pm  @ £8                            6-8pm  @ £12                                                       

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