About Mia

Your Mindful Teacher and Therapist

For 20 years of my adult life I worked  the health and social care settings, where I  learned a number of techniques when pulled together assist people in releasing physical, emotional and psychological blockages in the human system that maintain pain and suffering and prevent people from moving forward in life.

I started my career as a Social Worker, working with children, families and young offenders as well as adults in the community and in the hospital. My work was generally safeguarding and protecting the vulnerable in addition to addressing issues of loss, trauma and abuse. I moved into a brief period of freelance court work before becoming a Therapist. My grounding started in the social sciences of Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy with further training in Counselling and Play Therapy skills before adding the natural therapies of Reiki, Indian Head Massage, The Dorn Method, Sound Therapy, and more recently Mindfulness.

Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years with scientifically proven health benefits. With regular daily mindfulness practice, awareness can be brought to the mind and body bringing relief and freedom from unhealthy patterns of repetitive behaviour that cause on-going pain and suffering.

Mind blown! Had a fantastic reading and medium session with Mia today. Totally shifted and identified some blocks and gave me new direction.


I now feel like a new person after being in pain for over 8 years. 
People are also noticing that I am standing and walking much better even my own GP commented!


Had a very cosy, relaxing Reiki session and Mia is so lovely. Feel more chilled than I have in ages. Highly recommend.


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