We Show People How To Treat Us Based On The Stories We Present.

We Show People How To Treat Us Based On The Stories We Present.

I was reading an article recently by Sasza Lohrey (2019) about this very thing and how people relate to us based on how we relate to ourselves.

There is trending rhetoric at the moment about the importance of ‘self-care’ and for the most part, society appears to translate this as a bit of pampering. It’s a bit like a spa day, getting your nails done, sitting with a face mask on in front of a marathon box set session. All in all, it’s become synonymous with this app-based, regular upgrading, throw away lifestyle we are in.

Rather than seeing it as an essential part of our daily routine for healthy growth and development, self-care and self-love have become things we pick up every now and again like a fancy accessory. We have a bit of fun with them then dispose of them afterward. Ew! That sounds horrible. But that’s how we live.

How we live reflects our perceptions of ourselves and how we then perceive others. So ask yourself, what story do you want to be reflected back to you?

When people see how you treat yourself, whether positively or negatively they respond in kind by mirroring that inner state of being. They don’t respond to what you show on the outside. People consciously or subconsciously respond to the vibration created from behind the social mask.

One of the most amazing things about the human condition is the power of creation and what it can achieve. I am not talking about the ability to amass material wealth, positions or possessions but what can be transformed by the power of unconditional love, kindness, and compassion.

Science has shown us that the energy powered by these qualities expands, creating the most miraculous patterns of growth. Theses patterns can destroy toxins and dis-ease in the body and mind, bringing peace, and calm to all things.

As babies we require our mothers or caregivers to be present, to be able to understand and meet our needs. This is what we call unconditional love, care, and compassion. These behaviours are essential for healthy brain development. They help us love, care and value ourselves and provide us with the ability to nurture our own skills and talents. It helps us develop healthy boundaries so that we show people how to treat us and also be true to who we are.

Strength to truly stand up and be ourselves comes from a place of vulnerability. That place of unwavering trust that God, the Universe, Source, whatever you want to call it never made temporary or faulty goods, to be replaced, upgraded, and chucked in the trash. Everything created is perfect as it is.

You are unique and priceless so step into your original storyline, not someone else’s copy.