The Human Biofold

The Human Biofold

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the analogy between a human life or lives and the life cycles of trees.

We know that the rings in the trunk of a tree are a record of its age. It is not only a record of age but also how that tree has experienced life throughout its many cycles. We also know that the formations of every living thing on this planet including rocks and other inanimate objects omit a field of energy which is continually vibrating at different frequencies. Associated to this, our human bodies have an electromagnetic field that surrounds it, which is affected every second by what we do, think and feel but did you realise that the frequencies that are emitted from us never disappear and look like the rings of a tree!  This is our biofield, which is a record of everything we have experienced in our lives since birth and beyond ( possibly even prebirth and beyond, although that is another topic). These frequencies or vibrations are stored in our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies and manifest as different conditions depending on the outcome of life experiences, positive and negative.

Our bodies are like file drawers containing records of every emotion and state of mind. An example of this may be someone who experiences the trauma of a loss, whether this be a job, a break-up or some other significant change in that person’s life. Sometimes this can manifest as problems and conditions in the feet, ankles and lower legs. If it is the right foot, this usually holds the energy of how a person feels about taking their next step. How severe or recurrent the condition is, reflects the state of mind and how he or she will be able to progress, move forward or remain stuck. This is the theory Eileen Day Mc Kusik who has written about the human biofield has discovered.

The rings in the human biofield work in the same way as the tree. The most recent experiences are closest to the body, so depending on your current age will determine how wide your biofield is. Our biofields bounce off and connect with each other.

Just like the tree the older it is the more character it has. Whether it has a sturdy solid base, or bits have been split and broken off it due to stormy weather or unthinking people deliberately creating the damage. We begin to realise that nothing in this world can stand alone independent of another.

I suppose one of the reasons I wanted to share this with you, was as a way of nurturing an awareness of the responsibility we all have not just for ourselves but for every other living organism on this planet. What we do, think and feel has more of an impact than we often care to imagine.