Live The Life You Want , Doing The Things You Love.

Feeling Calm, Aligned, Peaceful, Balanced and Healthier.

Introducing the 8 Week Mindfulness

Based Living Course.

Forest Bathing   

Mindfulness Movement Meditations

This is  is a group based Mindfulness class incorporating Movement and
Meditation , where we immerse our senses in the presence of  beautiful
natural woodland.  The Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing is
kown to have widespread health benefits.
Once a month we invite along an experienced Reiki Drum Practitioner to bring an added
dimension to our meditation sessions.  This practice of Reiki drumming has been used over
the centuries to bring body, mind and spirit into balance and alignment.

What comes to mind when you think of Mindfulness?


 When you mention Mindfulness, most often images of Buddhist Monks on hill tops or people sitting crossed legged on a Yoga mat in some inconceivable clear minded zen state.

Well!  I am about to dispel that myth.

Happiness happens when we address


Feeling Calmer, focussed, alert, positive responses to stress, improved memory, clarity, increased information processing, less anxious, breaking negative patterns, balances brain function.


Strong and healthy boundaries, feeling capable, increased self-belief, standing up for yourself, better work relationships, less stressed, doing more of what you love. Healthier work/life balance.


Appreciation for self and body, breaking toxic negative self-talk, being kinder and forgiving, facing difficulties rather than running away or supressing. Confidence in asking for what you need.


Higher levels of relationship satisfaction, improved communication, increased self-awareness, compassion, acceptance of self and others, no-judgemental, thoughtful responses, attract healthy positive relationships.


Repairs DNA structures, improves condition of muscles, regulates nervous system, realigns spine and joints, detoxifies, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, improves flexibility and mobility, unblocks stuck energy, strong immune system.

Potential / Dreams

Realising your self-worth and taking action towards your dreams. Making more time for the things and people you love. Motivated to maintain the changes.

Lives that Transformed

About Mia

My name is Mia and I am a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and Alternative Therapist.

My purpose is to bring balance, clarity, peace and harmony to body and mind, igniting our natural intuitive and creative state.


Why we feel so stressed

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future or regretting the past?

Do you often find yourself doing one thing while constantly thinking about something else?

Do you find you are always comparing yourself to others and never feeling good enough?

How does it feel to live like this?

Do you want to change this and live a calmer, happier life?

Take a look at what else is on this page.

The 10% of our Pain

10% of our overall pain and suffering comes from natural incidents like dying, loss of a job, baby, loved one, floods, car accidents etc.

The 90% of our Pain

Mia Alternative Therapist Aberdeen

90% of our pain and suffering comes from our mind, the way we perceive the world, our inferences and meanings we attach to people, places and things. It creates physical illness and dis-ease in the body related to emotional imbalance and stress. Our bodies express our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours as physical pains and illnesses. Having that awareness, knowledge and ability to recognise and respond effectively to this language can address almost any pain, discomfort, and imbalance in the mind and body.

Mind blown! Had a fantastic reading and medium session with Mia today. Totally shifted and identified some blocks and gave me new direction.


I now feel like a new person after being in pain for over 8 years. 
People are also noticing that I am standing and walking much better even my own GP commented!


Had a very cosy, relaxing Reiki session and Mia is so lovely. Feel more chilled than I have in ages. Highly recommend.


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